College of Professional and Continuing Education

Applying to the Undergraduate Degree Program

Although students may take courses without being formally enrolled in a degree program, most students do seek a degree through COPACE. Students are admitted into degree programs throughout the year. It is important to apply early and meet with the associate dean for undergraduate programs. This will assure that course selections fulfill degree requirements and are in concert with a student's long-term goals. Financial assistance is available to matriculated students only.

To complete a degree program, a student must earn 32 units (128 semester hours) of credit. With few exceptions, each COPACE course is worth one unit of credit. To matriculate, a student must complete the application for undergraduate admission, available from the COPACE office. Proof of high school graduation or its equivalent is required for all degree candidates. Before an application can be processed, official transcripts of all previous higher education experience must be received by the director of admissions. A $35 fee is required with the completed application.

Application Form [PDF]

Clark University Transcript Request

Transferring credit to COPACE

Students must meet with the associate dean for undergraduate programs to evaluate any credits considered for transfer from another college or university. Applicants are informed of their acceptance within eight to twelve weeks after receipt of their completed applications and all official transcripts. The acceptance letter will indicate any transfer credit that has been awarded.

Once matriculated, a student must file a petition for special action should he/she wish to take a course at another accredited institution and transfer the credit toward a degree. No request will be considered if the student has already transferred the maximum units toward the degree.

Transfer student requirements

Transfer students are required to take a minimum of one-half (16 units) of their course work at Clark University. No more than one-half of the courses counting toward the major may be transfer courses. Upper-level major requirements must be fulfilled at Clark University. The acceptance letter will outline the approved transfer courses and indicate remaining degree requirements.